List of all ChristianBlogSites

Here is a list of ChristianBlogSites Blogs and links to their last three articles:

Underground Theologian

Transforming Lives Prayer Ministries

Thirty Second Devotional

The Living Word

The Interstate to Heaven

Sign Voice 2009

Pastor Richard D. Dover Blog

This is where Richard D. Dover shares his heart, and hopefully at least some of the time, shares the heart of Father  God, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Richard is not a politically correct person. He much rather be biblically correct. So some of his posts may not line up with what the world has to say, or at times, even what it appears the Church is saying in America. He strongly believe the truth sets us free.

My Letter Stories

My King, My Master, My All

Ministering Grace

Light & Salt

Know His Word

Joy in the Journey

Isaiah-Verse by Verse

Into the Light

Gospel Message Today



A Witness

My blog is inspired by the Holy Spirit.  These inspirations have been given to me over many years and continue to flow as a progressive account of what the Lord wants said in this day and time.

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