Steps for Previous CBS Blog Users

The following is information on Setting Up Your New Blog. Be sure to go to our FAQs pages for help on doing anything listed below.

  1. If you have not done it yet, request a free customized blog header if you are going to use the default newcbs theme as your theme. Place your request by going to our Contact Page.
    (We have created a default blog header for all of our previous users. We will provide you one free edit. With the edit you can add the following:
    a. Add Blog Subtitle
    b. Add Blog Description
    c. Add a small image. You must upload the image to your Media Folder and send me detailed instructions of where you want the image, what size you want. Then contact me via the contact page with instructions.
  2. Log into your site (Go to and take a look at the dashboard. Click thru the various links to get an idea of how the dashboard is set up.
  3. Update your Profile Page. Go to Dashboard-Users-Your Profile.
    a. You want to choose what name shows up publicly on your blog. I would recommend changing your nickname to something different than your username.
    b. To upload your profile picture/avatar, just click on the current image. It will load the media page. If you ahve not uploaded your profile picture on your blog yet, upload an image then choose it for your profile picture.
  4. Your default blog site has several widgets, you can remove or add widgets. Go to our FAQs pages for specifics on widgets. The general concept is you go to the widget page and drag and drop widgets where you want them on your blog site. You then can edit each of the widgets. Dashboard-Appearance-Widgets.
  5. You can change your blog theme if you desire. (I would recommend doing this until you have done all of the items below.) If you want to change your theme go to Appearance-Themes. Realize that some widgets will not work with certain themes. The newcbs theme was designed to work with almost all of the widgets provided.
  6. DO NOT COPY your previous blog articles to this site or do anything else with them. We will be uploading them to your new blog. You will need to do some fine tuning but at least they will be uploaded to your new site.
  7. Do not activate Cleantalk plug-in at this time. We are working with them to make it than our entire site is activated with Cleantalk anti-spam with only one activation key. Once this happens you really do not need any other plugins to block same, but we would recommend immediately installing Akismet and Bad Behavior as a precaution.
  8.  Until we get Cleantalk activated for the entire CBS site. we recommend you activate Akismet and Bad Behavior Anti-Spam plugins.  Go to Dashboard-Settings-Akisment or Dashboard-Settings-Bad Behavior to learn how to activate these plugins. Akismet is going to require you to create a blog with WordPress. You do not need to use the blog, only create to set up an account for Akismet.
  9. Sign up with Gravatar to receive a gravatar (a small image associated with your email address that appear on posts, comments, etc where you have your email address.) It is linked to your CBS blog automatically. There is an FAQ on this at our FAQ pages
  10. Change your time zone under Dashboard-Setting-General
  11. Choose if you want comments defaulted. We recommend have them off unless you want comments on. Go to Dashboard-Settings-Discussion.
  12. Edit the existing default blog article/post or delete (do not delete until you have written one new blog article) otherwise you will get a 404 Error Message on your page.
  13.  Edit or Delete the About Me widget that is on the right side of your blog.  You can either remove it completely or edit it with your info. If you want to provide a link on it to go to a specific bio/info page be sure to not edit out the link code in the widget. There is an FAQ on this at our FAQ pages
  14. When you have done all of the above would you please let me know by sending an email via the Contact Page.
  15. Once most of you have accomplished the above we will be creating summary pages that can be linked from any of your blogs. The summary will be like we had in the past with a list of Blogs and recent postings.
  16. We are doing more testing with some Facebook widgets. Right now you can link to your Facebook page and people can recommend your blog through facebook. We are working on providing you the ability to have FB widgets on your actual posts so that after you write an article there will a FB link that you are a visitor can upload to FB a link of the article.
  17. We are now in the process of redirecting your old blog URL to your new site. In other words when people go to the URL of your old blog site they will be sent to the URL of your new blog sie automatically.
  18. Last but not least in my mind is if you would like to make a small donation at any time to help cover hosting costs go to our Donation Page. Your credit card donation will be processed securely by PayPal. You can always mail a donation to: Richard Dover, P.O. Box 58512, Seattle, WA 98166.

Keep on Blogging
Richard Dover

P.S. Once you have your blog sites setup, we transfer your old blog articles, it would be great to let your friends know about this site. Our new intro homepage should be up and going in a few days.


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