Remove Blog Owner Richard D. Dover

If you are seeing on the right column of your blog a section that says Blog Owner Richard D. Dover you are using a customized newcbs theme, hat has installed a More About Me Widget in the Secondary Sidebar. You can either edit that widget with your info or you can delete it completely.

If you are going to edit with your information and you want it to link to a page, do not delete the link. Instead edit the page it goes to and rename the page and change the link. Instructions below.

To delete or edit the More About Me widget: Go to Dashobard-Appearance-Widgets-Secondary Sidebar and click on the More About Me Widget.

If you still want a bio page then do the following:
Go to Dashboard-Pages-bio-your-name page. Edit the title and fill out the page. Go to the bottom of the page and create a slug (enter something like your first-lastname). Update the page. Go to the permalink and copy it. Go to Appearance-Widgets-More About Me and edit the widget. replace the link with your new page permalink.
Example: <a href=” blog/bio-your-name”>like this</a>
would become
<a href=””>Your Name</a>.

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