READ FIRST-Previous CBS Users

We will be creating new user accounts and blogs for all of our previous CBS blog owners. Here is the process:
a. Let us know if you are wanting to use the newcbs theme with a customized blog header. Go to our Contacts Page to send us an email with the necessary info.

b. We will create a user account and blog page for you. It will be the same as you have now. (usernames must not be capitalized and not have special characters)

c. We will upload your customized header if you provided us the necessary information.

d. When we create your username and blog you will receive two emails
One will be an email letting you know what your computer generated password is.
The second email will give you a link if you want to change your password.
You choose if you want to keep the computer generated password or want change your password.

e. Go to the Steps for Previous CBS Blog Users FAQ.

f. As time allows we will update the FAQs. We are updating several times a day.

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