Customized Blog Header-Previous CBS Users

As a faithful CBS Blog User you are able to receive a customized Blog Header if you use the newcbs theme. There are three pieces of information that can be entered in your  Blog Header. The Blog Title, the Blog Subtitle, a short description. If you would like a customized blog header, go to our Contact Page and enter the appropriate information. (We may have already created and installed your customized blog header.)

Once we receive your request we normally we will have the header done in a few hours , but for sure within 24 hours. Until we create your custom blog header you can replace the default header with your own or with the blog header you see on this page. First go to Dashboard-Media-find the image, and copy the URL for the image. Then go to your Dashboard-Appearance-Settings-Theme Options-Logo Image-Remove-Paste the image URL-Save-back to Theme Options and you will see the new image.

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