Change the bio image on newcbs theme

To change the Bio image on the top right sidebar when using the newcbs theme, do the following:
1. Upload a new image to your Media Library:
a. Go to Dashboard-Media,, Add new
b. Upload your image. It is best that it is 150×150 but once you upload it you will have very size options to choose from.
c. Copy the URL of the image. (click on your image and on the right is your iamge URL.)

2. Go to Dashboard-Apperance-Widgets
a. Click on the Secondary Widget Sidebar on the fr right to open it
b. Click on the More Widget
c. You will see where you can enter the URL of your image

3. If you want to have a Bio page then do the following:
a. Go to Dashboard-Pages, Add new
b. Create your page and Save.
c. Copy by your page permalink
d. Go to Dashboard-Appearance-Widgets
e. Click on the Secondary Widget Sidebar on the fr right to open it
f. Click on the More Widget
g. Replace the current URL with your URL. Be sure you do not change the html coding. Only replace the URL in the html code. If you erase it here it what you need to do to link yo your Bio Page.

If you have the link say, Click Here for more details. It would look like this. Copy the info below:
<a href=”Your Bio Page URL”>Click Here</a> for more info.

If you have problems just contact us and give us your blogtitle and blogusername. We can make it work for you.

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