Overcast Skies


I am one of maybe many that strongly dislikes when we have an overcast day.  Yes, I like in Kentucky and it seems we have more than our fair share of these days during the winter.  The cold isn’t too bad unless it is accompanied by one of these overcast sun hidden days.  I am definitely a light person; I will drift into depression and a bad mood if my vision of the light is blocked.

Today I was on the tractor going to put hay out to the cows when the overcast skies said something different to me.  I usually just mutter something like “I hate these old overcast days”; today what flooded my thoughts were a comparison.

Years ago I was flying from Asheville NC to London KY and my way home from college; sure enough North Carolina had an overcast day, no sun on the sky; dark and dreary.  Well, off we go on the trip to London and up we went through all those clouds.  I was shocked soon by the brightness above those clouds that had any rays from reaching the ground.  Above those clouds is was as bright and shiny as any day you have ever seen.  Sure enough as we neared the London airport we had to travel back through clouds and again dark and dreary.  On exiting the plane I looked up and saw the same overcast conditions I had seen in North Carolina.

Today what, for the first time, entered my mind was yeah I remember the sun is shining brightly just above the clouds and even some of it light and warmth is sneaking through the clouds.  I remember the woman who loved me and I ruined that.   Then I compared what I was seeing to a spiritual subject.  Jesus said He is the Light of the world and He is always shining around us, always visible to us.  Well that last statement is not 100% true; sometimes there is a block between us and Jesus and His light doesn’t shine brightly on us; yes there is some light so we can still find our way but just not the brightness we are accustom to when nothing is between us and the Lord.

We all know what hinders the rays of sunlight from reaching us on the overcast days I have spoken of but what is the reason for the light of Jesus not shining brightly on us.  I Matthew Jesus said He would be with us even to the end of the age and once said it is settled.  Once we are His and have accepted Him as Lord and Savior, He is always with us.

Now here comes the but, when we are involved in sin and we have failed to confess that sin and repent of that sin; the sin creates a buffer between Jesus and us.  Our fellowship with Jesus has been weakened and when we look up to see the Son, Jesus Christ, we sometimes have trouble seeing through that sin buffer.  Just like in my plane experience, when we got through the clouds the sun was shining brightly; same is true when we get through our sin problem the Son is shining brightly.

The Bible says that if we will confess our sins that He is faithful to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  If we want the buffer removed between us and the Lord it is up to us to do something about it.  You must first acknowledge the sin separating you from Jesus, confess that sin to the Lord, and repent or turn away from that sin.  He says He will forgive our confessed sin and clean us up or remove the buffer between us and the Lord.

Just like on my flight it was bright above the overcast so your life can be flooded with the brightness of Jesus if you make the effort to remove the overcast block.

The next time you are outside and see an overcast sky remember the sun is shining brightly just a few feet above you head but mainly think that Jesus is very near and if you are having difficulties in reaching Him there may be a problem of unconfessed sin in your life.  It doesn’t take long to breath a pray of confession and a request for forgiveness and once done the overcast sky of your spiritual life will be gone.  God is faithful to forgive us anytime we will humble ourselves in confession and repentance.

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