About Blog User and Blog Site

Your Profile Picture

You can create a bio page that tells about you and your blog site or whatever else you want. You can create as many pages as you want.

When you create your page you can add a featured image or add images.

If you want search engines to search your page, make it search engine friendly by entering info in the SEO Settings that are listed below.

You can determine what the URL is for your page and make it also search engine friendly by entering a slug phrase at then end of this page.. Once you enter the enter and hit save your new URL will show up in the Permalink above.  Separate your slug words with dashes. ie. by slug is bio-your-name. So there is the potential that my bio page at some point will come up in the search engines if someone enters Blog User name when they do a church. Be aware it takes time for this to place. But the more people go to your page the more likely it will start to come up in searches over time.


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