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Leaves, Leaves, Leaves Published 12/12/2019 in Pastor Richard D. Dover Blog Author Richard D. Dover

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves Leaves can be a good thing. Leaves through photosynthesis turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Leaves can be used in compost. Leaves are beautiful in the fall. But leaves can also be a nuisance in the fall. Money, Friends, and Entertainment can be good things. But at times... read more→

My Christmas Story-Reblog From 12/2012 Published 12/12/2019 in My Letter Stories Author myletterstories

Dear Readers, This story is a blog from an event that happened to me many years ago before I retired, back when I was a city bus driver.  Hope you enjoy it. MY CHRISTMAS STORY,  Journal Entry- January 3, 1992 I heard a beautiful Christmas story today that I would like to share.  As I... read more→

Christian Twelve Steps Published 11/29/2019 in Pastor Richard D. Dover Blog Author Richard D. Dover christian twelve steps

Christian Twelve Steps The Christian Twelve Steps are an adaption of the Twelve Steps of AA. They are based upon principles found in Scripture. There are those who say the way of deliverance from addiction is one step (from darkness to light through Jesus Christ) not the twelve steps. This can... read more→

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