Maintaining a Pure Heart

Psalm 22: 25 My praise shall be of thee in the great congregation: I will pay my vows before them that fear him.


Psalm 22 is most famous for being part of Jesus’ last words as he was dying on the cross. He was quoting scripture. Of course the Messianic fulfillment of these words in Jesus Christ it is not without significanc. I would like to emphasize the words of celebration.

Even though the Psalm writer is lamenting horrible treatment by enemies, he maintains a positive attitude of worship of God and the congregation of the righteous. The Psalm writer does not lose faith or blame God in any way for unjust treatment. His heart remains pure. He knows God is good and kind and loving and caring. His faith does not falter. He does not blame God for his situation..

He maintains a heart of pure worship and praise to God.

He maintains a heart of desire to worship with the congregation. He wants to praise and worship God with righteous believers. He knows there are good people, even though he has not been treated well. He knows there is a righteous seed – God’s people.

He promoses to keep his vows to God. any promises made to God must be kept. He affirms His faith in God, the saints and in keeping the vows he has made.

The magnification of God in his situation strengthens and helps him to continue.

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