The Problem Within

Hos 5:4 “They do not direct their deeds
Toward turning to their God,
For the spirit of harlotry is in their midst,
And they do not know the Lord

The problem of evil exists everywhere. Want proof? Look at the evening news or read a paper, its all there. But why do we have this problem and what do we do about it. Rules! We need rules, laws that are enforced. We have that, but the problem persists. Those who are incarcerated are there to be “rehabilitated” and for the most part this does not happen, and the reason it does not is because all men have a nature that is prone to sin, it just comes natural.

We must trace this back to Adam and Eve where they were in a perfect environment, having everything they needed, yet when given one commandment, “do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, being tempted by the devil, they did what they were told not to do. In so doing they knew evil before they knew good and, and now the natural inclination is toward evil because they died spiritually to God and the things of God when they partook of the fruit. The consequence of death was then passed on to all men who came after them, and we see the results today, every time we attend a funeral.

So being dead to God, the only solution is to be quickened or made alive to him, by God himself making you alive again. Paul wrote to the Ephesians Eph 2:1 And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; And least we think we had something to do with this, Paul addresses the believers saying Eph 2:5 Even when WE were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) Those who are not quickened or made alive by the working of God will not of themselves come alive. We see that in our verse Hos 5:4 Now in context God is talking to Israel or Ephraim. And examining the literal translation we see;


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Because of funding for the maintenance of this site, we have been unable to afford the upkeep, so we are leaving it as is for the time being. This should not stop the serious seeker from going through the archives, where you can find many studies that will help you grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus and what God requires of you, which is faith in Christ alone for salvation.

If the world seems to be convulsing and on the brink of something serious, it is because it is! With a study of Gods word, and out prophetic studies we can shed some light on what is to come. So we ask you to join is searching our archives to discover what God requires of us.


Why I believe the return of the Lord is immanent Pt 2

We were looking at the invasion of Israel by Russia, Iran and many Muslim nations. We saw how they would be defeated by God himself apart from any effort on the part of Israel. ( Ezek 38) Now we want to look at something very interesting, a 7 year period where the Israelis will be burning for fuel those weapons they find on the battle field. If they are burning the weapons they recover from the destruction of the invading army for seven years, and the Tribulation period is 7 years long, when does this happen? How is this important to me? The question is; will the church be here to witness this?

Now there are many different views concerning the time of Christs return, the rapture of the church, the tribulation itself. We know from scripture the tribulation is a seven year period known in the OT as the time of Jacobs trouble. Let us consider what the scripture says concerning this.

In Daniel we read Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. Dan 9:24 A week in scripture is a 7 year period In Genesis 29 Laban told Jacob in order to have his daughter Rachel Fulfil her week, and we will give thee this also for the service which thou shalt serve with me yet seven other years. And Jacob did so, and fulfilled her week: and he gave him Rachel his daughter to wife also VS 28-29 Of the seventy weeks Daniel spoke of (69 of the seven year periods have already passed with one more to go,) the last one will be the time of Jacobs trouble, Jesus called it the tribulation period, the last 3.5 years being the great tribulation. Daniel chap 12 is where we discover this as we read in verse 1 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. Again in Daniel 12:7 we read



Why I believe the return of the Lord is immanent

Looking at the news today we see the signs are all around us saying we are in perilous times. We have terrorists reeking havoc everywhere, unstable leaders of nations now possessing nukes threatening to use them. Upheaval in countries economically, morally, spiritually. It seems society has made a great turn for the worse.

Luk 21:25 says And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; perplexity meaning (lit., “at a loss for a way,” of the distress of nations, finding no solution to their embarrassments.)

II Tim 3:1 says This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

World leaders have no answers for all that is happening, and we have the threat of war, with those nations who are, as we mentioned, unstable. We hear the term apocalyptic, Armageddon being near. Even those who have no knowledge of Biblical prophesy can see the direction we are headed in, and they are worried about it and should be.

Within the Christian community many, born again Christians feel we are in the last days, and someone says why is that? One reason is the sign of the rebirth of the nation Israel in 1948, coming back into the land after being exiled for almost 2000 years. Ezekiel chap 36 and 37 are prophesies concerning the restoration of Israel back in the land, as we see them today. In Ezekiel chap 38:8 we read After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.

Today we see Israel in the land, but surrounded on every side with enemies who would exterminate them. But Jesus promised; in Mat 24:34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. What is talking about in Matthew chap 24? He is addressing questions proposed by his disciples asking Jesus; Mat 24:3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? (or age) So he begins to tell them what to look for prior to his coming.


Joshua chap 2

Joshua has told the people to be prepared for battle. Now as Moses did, he sends spies to recon the land, to prepare the way into the promise land to see what they were up against.

Before venturing out on a mission it is always good to get an idea of what you may encounter. Now the Apostle Paul did not have any way to do this, so on his missionary journeys he went in blind, and always found opposition. We also, when stepping out for the Lord, will encounter spiritual opposition, here it would be physical opposition,where they would engage in physical warfare, but they wanted to be ready.

Vs 1-2 And Joshua the son of Nun sent out of Shittim two men to spy secretly, saying, Go view the land, even Jericho. And they went, and came into an harlot’s house, named Rahab, and lodged there. And it was told the king of Jericho, saying, Behold, there came men in hither to night of the children of Israel to search out the country.

This is going to be a very interesting chapter for us to consider, with many spiritual applications.

Now the spies come to the house of a harlot named Rahab, interesting that God would lead them there. Her house was on the wall so you could see all around the city. You say, why Rahab?


Joshua chap 1

The book of Joshua is the beginning of the historical record of the children of Israel, after they had been delivered from Egypt. Moses is now gone and his servant Joshua will now lead the people into the promise land.

God chose Joshua and commissioned him telling Moses; Num 2718-19 And the LORD said unto Moses, Take thee Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom is the spirit, and lay thine hand upon him; And set him before Eleazar the priest, and before all the congregation; and give him a charge in their sight. Joshua’s name means Jehovah is salvation ( yeh·hō·shü’·ah) It is through his military campaign Israel will gain the land God promised them, and we will see many types and pictures in this book, as we study, and learn many lessons.

Someone asks why didn’t Moses lead the people into the promise land? He could not enter the land because of his disobedience and misrepresentation of God to the Children of Israel. Deut 32:51-52 says Because ye trespassed against me among the children of Israel at the waters of Meribah-Kadesh, in the wilderness of Zin; because ye sanctified me not in the midst of the children of Israel. Yet thou shalt see the land before thee; but thou shalt not go thither unto the land which I give the children of Israel. Moses was told to speak to the rock and water would come forth, instead he struck the rock and called the people Rebels, this was not what God wanted, so because of that he could not enter in.

Now it is time for the Children of Israel to take possession of the land God promised them.


Shew me wherefore thou contendest with me

No one in scripture ever suffered as Job did, except for the Lord Jesus Christ. In his bitterness Job cried out, “ Shew me wherefore thou contendest with me” Job did not understand the nature or reason for what he was going through. All his problems were the result of the provocation of Satan. When he appeared before the Lord, the Lord said, “And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that [there is] none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil? Job 1:8 Satan answered, But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face. To wit the Lord said, Behold, all that he hath [is] in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand. So Satan went forth from the presence of the LORD. After a time the two met again. To further clarify Gods position he said, And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that [there is] none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil? and still he holdeth fast his integrity, although thou movedst me against him, to destroy him without cause. What was he doing?


Impossible to please God?

Is pleasing God really impossible?, or can this be done in a simple way?

Why of course not! says one, I please God all the time! And how do you do that? I ask. Well, I go to church, I live by the Sermon on the Mount, the golden rule, and I follow the 10 commandments, the law! I am a moral person. Ah! But something is lacking here, for the Bible says Without faith it is impossible to please God, the Bible also says the law is not of faith.

How we relate to God is important, for all the saints, Old & New Testament relate to God through faith, for the scripture says The Just shall live by faith. Pleasing God is not based on our performance, that is, what we do. Instead it is based in whom we believe. Paul said for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. To please God is to put your trust in Him and Him alone for all things.

In Hebrews we read,


Do you have a question?

I Pet 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

I am involved in a ministry of answering questions Christians have put forth. Some concern the scriptures, some concern the Christian life. I would like to share a few with you who read on our Blog, in case you have had similar questions, or know those who do.

Hi I feel as though I cant get Salvation Assurance and believe the Gospel? I want to be saved but fear I am beyond God granting me repentance because of my great sin. I am terrified of facing God’s wrath. I am committed to living for God. I know the Gospel- Jesus is the only way, He died and rose again on the third day, saved by grace through faith and not works,Jesus is fully God and fully man and I am only justified by what He did on the cross, He was sinless. I believe this but feel as though maybe my sins committed as a Christian have excluded me from repentance and believing the Gospel. How would I know if I cant repent?


Dedication or re-commitment is it needed? Pt 2

But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation. James 5:12

Making a vow is serious, God will require it of us whether we like it or not. In Num 30:1-2 we read And Moses spake unto the heads of the tribes concerning the children of Israel, saying, This is the thing which the LORD hath commanded. If a man vow a vow unto the LORD, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth.

In the old and new Testament we have examples of those who made a vow and how it was dealt with. The first one is Jephthah, and we find him in the book of Judges. We read; Jephthah the Gileadite was a mighty man of valour, and he was the son of an harlot: Judges 11:5 says And it was so, that when the children of Ammon made war against Israel, the elders of Gilead went to fetch Jephthah out of the land of Tob: and in Jud 11:30 said; And Jephthah vowed a vow unto the LORD, and said, If thou shalt without fail deliver the children of Ammon into mine hands, Then it shall be, that whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of my house to meet me, when I return in peace from the children of Ammon, shall surely be the LORD’S, and I will offer it up for a burnt offering. Jephthah becomes for us the classic example of one who makes a rash vow. Upon his return from the victory,