The Separated

Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, II Cor 6:17


Christians are call to be “Separatists” or separated from the world and the things of the world. We are in the world but not of the world, why? Jesus told his own, Jhn 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. The world and the world system hated Jesus, to include the religious system of his day and it is no different today. A true christian can expect opposition from the world and its system.

As we look carefully at our values and the worlds, we see a vast difference. Our money says “in God we trust” while WE do, the world at large DOES NOT. Instead they invest their money in wall street, God tells his people, Mal 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. So which investment bears witness to trusting in God? A rich young ruler came to Jesus one day saying Luk 18:18 Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? Jesus told him Luk 18:22 Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me. How many would do that today? Yes the god of mammon is ruling the world, everyone wants wealth, but the Bible says I Tim 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. Many people who have wealth do have many problems, and would trade that wealth for peace of mind, better health, or family relationships. The song says “money cant by me love” and its true. The love of God for his own is free to us, but costly to him who has everything. A cleaning lady who was assigned to clean the homes of the wealthy said what she found there made here determined she would never want to be wealthy, because of what she discovered in those homes. Meds for EVERYTHING, so much stuff that was just lying around. Those who are rich, are not immune from problems, as we might think. And their wealth does not solve their problems.

And where does this world system have its roots?


Lessons from Daniel Taking the heat II

Nebuchadnezzar has just thrown the three Jews into the burning fiery furnace. Think for a moment of their faith and courage saying God will deliver [us] out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up. They are facing certain death, but will not give in. All they could know is if they die they would be gathered to their people where ever that is. They know nothing of heaven or what is on the other side. All we know as New Testament believers is: absent form the body present with the Lord. So says Paul who saw it. We have the promise of Jesus who said where I am there will you be also. They have no such promise. They know God parted the Red Sea, the Jordan River, so they know of his delivering power, but what of death? Job said though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but he did not face what these three faced. One way or another they knew deliverance would come. All this is to show a pagan King who God is. Was not their faith written about in Hebrews 11 where we read


Lessons from Daniel Taking the heat

Nebuchadnezzar had a dream, and he made his dream come true. He has an Image built in the planes of Dura, like he saw in his dream, only the entire statue was GOLD! Daniel told him he was the head of gold, he wasn’t satisfied being the head that would be replaced, and he wanted to be the whole thing. So he invites ALL the governors and rulers to attend the open ceremonies, the dedication of his image. Looking back in the previous chapter Daniel and his three friends had been promoted to positions of authority in the kingdom, so they were summoned to be there. Now the King had already seen a demonstration of Gods omniscience, he will now see a demonstration of his omnipotence. God is training his servant by practical application. Using things he is familiar with for his demonstrations. Here is a clue as to how God calls his own to himself when they have not turned to him as yet. Many know of God but many do not KNOW him as Lord and savior, so God is calling them and he must find ways to reach them. So all prominent persons in the realm were to be present. I believe Daniel and he three friends were present and must have heard the instructions, because later we will see they did not comply. In verse 4 of Chapter 3 of Daniel, we see the announcement of what was expected when the herald cried:



Those who have spent time in the study of Gods word, never cease to be amazed at what can be found when the time is spent mining out the gold with in. Those who have not done so are missing out on a great experience with God. Whether you study or whether you don’t, the following is for you to use and meditate on so as to see what God has given us in his word.

Moses instructs the nation of Israel, that upon entering the land of promise, they were to send different tribes to the top of 2 different mountains, Mt. Gerizim & MT. Ebal to pronounce Blessings & cursings upon the people who were under the covenant relationship of God based upon the law of God written on the tablets of stone, and upon a pile of rocks that would be deposited on the side of the Jordan they will cross over to enter the land. Looking at this passage naming the different tribes on the 2 mountains, I could not help to wonder WHY THESE TRIBES on THESE MOUNTAINS. We see on the top of Mt Gerizim the following tribes: Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Joseph, & Benjamin. On top of Mt Ebal: Reuben, Gad, Asher, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali Four of the six were born to a bondwoman, one of the handmaidens of Leah & Rachel Jacobs wives. Here is the picture; we know from scripture, Sarah’s handmaiden from Egypt, Hagar, gave birth to Ishmael. It was Sarah who told Abraham, Cast out the bondwoman and her child. Paul tells us in Galatians chap 4


So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

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Students of prophesy will have to admit the prophet Ezekiel made many interesting predictions concerning Israel. We would call your attention to chapters 36-39, where a careful reading of these chapters will strongly suggest God is not finished with Israel.

Ezekiel was among the Jewish captives carried away to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar the king. He was there with Daniel and was a contemporary of Jeremiah the prophet who remained in Israel by decree of Nebuchadnezzar. We don’t know if he knew Daniel, but since Daniel held such a high position in Babylon it is possible he knew of him. Both Ezekiel and Daniel prophesied of future events that had to do with Israel. In the three chapters we are referring to, Ezekiel was told of the restoration of Israel back in the land, but this restoration is NOT after the captivity turning from Babylon, but a later restoration, the one AFTER their disbursement of 70 AD and the destruction of the temple.

Looking at Deut 30:3-5 That then the LORD thy God will turn thy captivity, and have compassion upon thee, and will return and gather thee from all the nations, whither the LORD thy God hath scattered thee. If any of thine be driven out unto the outmost parts of heaven, from thence will the LORD thy God gather thee, and from thence will he fetch thee: And the LORD thy God will bring thee into the land which thy fathers possessed, and thou shalt possess it; and he will do thee good, and multiply thee above thy fathers. And again in Isaiah we read,



“And I will establish My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you in their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and your descendants after you. Gen 17:7

There are some today in Christendom who say God is done with Israel, and the church has replaced them and will receive all the blessings they forfeited. Those who say that, do not know the God of Israel very well nor have they studied the scriptures. As Jesus told the Sadducee’s Mat 22:29 Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. For those who are in this position, lets us go back and see why this is not the case, despite Israel’s history.

From the very beginning Israel failed. Prior to the receiving of the law they said; Ex 19:8 And all the people answered together, and said, All that the LORD hath spoken we will do. And Moses returned the words of the people unto the LORD. Again this was BEFORE they had actually received the law, in fact this was BEFORE Moses went up on the mountain to receive it! While he was up there, they immediately broke the first commandment by having Aaron make a golden calf to worship, which they did! AFTER THAT we have recorded what God told THEM: “Therefore know that the LORD your God, He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments; Deut 7:9 He was referring to Israel, because of the promise he made to Abraham, which we have for our initial text. And please notice it is AN EVERLASTING covenant. With God EVERLASTING does not end!

So what is a covenant anyway?


What is real Bible study

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. II Tim 2:15

While many people posses a Bible, how many really study it. Someone says, I don’t need to do that, I go to church and listen to the minister/priest/ rabbi up front, he will tell me what it means. This is the reasoning of many of people, but is this the correct frame of mind? Paul spoke of the Bereans saying Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. These people listened TO PAUL, but went and searched the scriptures to see for themselves, if what he was saying was correct. This is how we find out, we must not trust man alone instead we must study for ourselves. And then, Paul says II Tim 1:13 Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus. Then, after searching the scriptures, I Thess 5:21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. The word prove, ( Gr dokimazō ) means to approve of or examine all things, then hold fast to that which is good.

Reading the Bible is good, but better to study what it says to understand it, and assimilate it into our lives. In order to do that we must look at the passages in the context of where we find it. It is easy to take scripture out of its context to prove a point.

For example;


The Ressurection of Jesus

Many religions in the world boast of their leaders and what they have said or done. None but Christianity can claim their leader came back from the dead to establish his church. Biblical & historical fact alike declares the resurrection of Jesus from the dead three days after his death on the cross. Unlike other religions who say they have a plan whereby they will some day be united with their god or in a place of peace and serenity, Jesus promises those who believe in him a place in Heaven with him forever. While all systems of “Faith” admit of sinful tendencies and how to atone for them, only Christianity guarantees its people their sins have been put away once and for all by the death of Christ, and a standing before God totally “Justified” from all guilt because of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Some religions tell us the individual will atone for his sin through good works or “acts of faith” toward their god. In light of that, the question must be asked what god are they talking about. For example; the Muslims say Mohammad & Moses are prophets. Here’s the problem Moses at the burning bush said God told him his name I AM THAT I AM that is my name. Mohammad says “Allah” is God, One lied! Jeremiah 32:27 says Behold, I [am] the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

Isaiah 44:6 says Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I [am] the first, and I [am] the last; and beside me [there is] no God. So anyone want to say who lied? Before we can decide our own destiny with a god we can’t see, we need to determine what it is he expects from us, the way to please him. I really don’t know about the rest but of the God of the Bible it says But without faith [it is] impossible to please [him]: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Heb 11:6 in order for faith to work it needs an object, some thing or better some one to believe in. Jesus said Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. Pretty radical don’t you think for someone to essentially make themselves equal with God, saying to believe in them as well as God, unless


The Sovereignty of God Part 5

Moses met God at a burning bush in the desert and God told him the time had come to get the children of Israel out of Egypt, because God had promised Abraham he would give the land of Canaan to his descendants after 400 years of living in Egypt, for God said And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land [that is] not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; Gen 15:13 further he told him And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance vs 14 . When Israel came to Egypt because of a famine in the land of Canaan the Pharaoh of that time welcomed them with open arms. After the death of Joseph and the patriarchs, Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph. Ex 1:8 Now things changed and the children of Israel were put to hard labor. Why did this happen? He turned their heart to hate his people, to deal subtilly with his servants Psalm 105:25. So they cried out to the Lord for deliverance. Moses comes back to Egypt, but not before God had to convince him to go back, you see he didn’t want to. But God made a promise to Abraham and God says My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure :Isa 46:10b In Hebrews we read For when God made promise to Abraham, because he could swear by no greater, he sware by himself,Heb 6:13 there was a condition But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites [is] not yet full. So there was a time period, now it was up.

So God told Moses he would be with him and said here is the message for Pharaoh Let my people go, he also told him And the LORD said unto Moses, When thou goest to return into Egypt, see that thou do all those wonders before Pharaoh, which I have put in thine hand: but I will harden his heart, that he shall not let the people go.Ex 4:21 He said this before he ever left. After he got there and spoke to Pharaoh the first time, and he refused to let them go, God said And I will harden Pharaoh‘s heart, and multiply my signs and my wonders in the land of Egypt. Ex 7:3 Notice he added something here and multiply my signs and my wonders. We have already mentioned what Paul told us For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth. What does it mean to harden the heart?