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ATTN: Old CBS Blog Users-Update 11/4/2015

Here is the latest updates for our previous CBS Users. This should answer many of the questions or concerns you may have. Please read through this very long post. It has the answers or addresses the concerns of most of

Old Blog URL and Old Blog Posts

ATTN previous CBS Blog Users
Blog URL
We now have your old blog url going to the new site. So if anybody goes to the old URL based upon anything in the past from you they will be redirected to

ATTN: CBS previous users-transfer of your blog articles

We are working hard at transferring your previous blog articles. We need your help to make this transition as smooth as possible. Please be aware that there will be glitches along the way.
We need your help to make the

Previous CBS Users Update 10-19-15

We have started registering existing CBS members to this new site.
We asking previous users to no longer post articles on this site. Start using the new site immediately. If you have not moved your site over yet go to Contact Us