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Reminder of CBS Policies Regarding Blogs

Reminder of CBS Policies Regarding Blogs
Lately we have had several new blog users registering for blog sites. However, many register for a blog site and then do nothing with their site. So, CBS will start enforcing Policy 6 of


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CBS-Registration Turned Off

Because of so many spammers and hackers we no longer take subscribers

New Registered Users

In the last two months we have had several new registered users. However, the users have registered but have not posted any blogs. Be aware that all accounts that only have one post in 30 days will be deleted. So

ATTN: New Blog Users

If your register for a new blog the last week of Feb be aware it could take up to 48 hrs for us to activate your account. My wife and I are taking a much needed vacation and have limited

Any Blog Users Getting Spam?

None of our blog users should be receiving spam comments or spam emails from contact forms. If any on you are getting spam, please let us know by going to our Contact Us page. On my blogs I show all

Welcome ChristianBlogSites Visitors

Greetings to our ChristianBlogSites vistors. We assume you have come to this page because you are wanting to obtain your own personal blog site. Well, you have come to the right place. In just a moment you can register for

ATTN: Previous CBS Users-Blog URLs

If you have had a CBS blog on our old site and have moved it to this new site, then there will be a new URL for your blog. It is in the format of:
Your old blog URL

We have added a FAQ Section

New Users-Go to our FAQs.
Have questions? Go to our Contact Page.