ATTN: Old CBS Blog Users-Update 11/4/2015

Here is the latest updates for our previous CBS Users. This should answer many of the questions or concerns you may have. Please read through this very long post. It has the answers or addresses the concerns of most of you and saves me time responding to the same questions sent to me via email.

Your Previous Posts/Articles from old site
We have transferred all of your posts from your previous CBS site.  Some of you have voiced some concerns and we have addressed those concerns below. (Please be aware that if we did not have somebody doing community service work for us, mine and their time was over 40 hours working on this, we would not have been able to transfer your previous posts/articles.)

Text Formatting
Some of you have shared that the text formatting of your articles is all messed up. There are a variety of reasons this may have occurred. (I personally and several other users have not had this problem because of how we originally posted our articles.)

  • This new site is in compliance with all the new html guidelines and follows strict coding. So if you wrote articles by copying and pasting from Microsoft Word your post formatting may be messed up. (We had in our FAQs and User Guide for the old CBS Blog site a notation about using Microsoft Word for copying and pasting may not be the best idea).
  • The source coding in the old blog site does not match up with the new blog site. That is because there is no standard in regards to how blog software is designed.

Regardless of the reason, there is nothing we can do to solve your formatting problem. It does seem to be affected by a certain theme, so no matter what theme you use it will not fix your text formatting. You will have to manually make changes. (This can be disturbing, but be thankful we were able to transfer all your posts for you.)

Duplicate Posts
Some of you have complained about duplicate posts. The reason there is duplicate posts is because you had written your article more than one time and saved it as draft and then created a new article. You should not create posts this way. When you make a draft and you create a new post, delete the draft. Or the more efficient way is create the draft and then publish it. Not make a new post from the draft.

Anyways when old posts were transferred to the new site we did not take the time to look for duplicates. That would be very time consuming for an already time consuming project. So, for a couple of you, there are many duplicate posts. You will need to manually delete them from your blog. There is a time saving way of doing this. Go to Dashboard-Posts and you can do a Bulk Trash. (FAQ: From this point on when you make a draft either change it to publish or delete it.

Read More Link
For all of you that used the Read More link on the old blog site we were able to make it work on the new site. For those who did not use this feature on the old site but wanted us to insert it in your posts on the new site in an automated way we were not able to create the coding script to do this in a feasible way. So if you want to use the Read More feature to shorten the length of your blog posts on your home page, you will have to do this manually. Read FAQ:

About Blog User
Several of you are not using this feature. You had the default/sample bio info on your page. If it looked like you were not using this feature I either removed it from your blog or did an edit. If you do not want to use this blog feature or you want to edit it on your blog, read these FAQs: and and

Bible Verse of the Day/Daily Proverb
I noticed that some of you do not have this on your theme now. If you accidently deleted these two widgets you can add them back using the widget function. Go to FAQ:

Do Not Put Your Email Address on Your Blog Page
We absolutely recommend that you do not put your email address anywhere on your blog site. This will only encourage spammers to send you email. If you want people to contact you just reference them to the Contact Us link that is on your blog site. Please test the Contact Form on your site by filling it out and sending the message to yourself. Let me know if it does not work properly.

Facebook Links on Your Blog Page
If you have a Facebook page you want people to go to you need to edit the widget and put the link to your Facebook page. If you do not have FB, then delete this widget. FAQ:

CleanTalk Anti-Spam Plug-In
We are paying for a site subscription with CleanTalk. CleanTalk blocks 98% of all spam so you should need any other kind of spam protection. Ignore the CleanTalk statement that appears at the top of your page. It is not applicable to CBS users.

If you want total spam protection without having to use Captcha requirements (where people have to type certain things) then I recommend installing the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin. Go to:

Using Other Themes
If you use other themes than the newcbs theme be aware that there may be some features not available to you or they will appear very different on a new theme. Also be aware that all the other themes come with a variety of default images that you will need to change. That is why we created the newcbs theme. It is very easy to use.

I notice some of you are using something other than the newcbs theme. You need to edit the images, if you do not know how to do that, look through the FAQs for some answers. Most of the time the images are changed by going to Appearance-Themes-Customize,

FAQ Link
We have included a link to the FAQ Section on all of your blog sites. Go to the Meta Section of your blog site and you will see the link. If you do not have a Meta Section you are using a different theme and will need to insert it if you want to have a link on your blog site to Log in and have a FAQ link. You will do this by going into Dashboard-Appearance-Themes and most likely choosing Menus. It is different for various themes.

On most FAQs there is a comment section. So if an FAQ does not help you, you can write a comment at the FAQ with your question.

Let Your Friends Know About ChristianBlogSites
Please let your friends know about ChristianBlogSites. Send them to The more visitors, the more bloggers, the more we come up on the search engines.

Make a Donation
As most of you know I have spent over 100 hours making this transition. I have monthly hosting costs. I have made sure that it takes minimal time to post your articles, prevent spam comments, provide many more features, etc. I could have easily shut down CBS and just have my own blog. (Believe me I wanted to many times during this process. I have many other responsibilities than this blog site.) But all of you mean something to me. Some of you have been with us a very long time. I created this new site to honor you and so you would not lose your previous work. Thank you for your patience.

If you ever want to make a donation to help cover monthly costs, click here to make a donation. There is also a donation link on the main ChristianBlogSites page:

Keep on Blogging!!

Richard Dover
CBS Manager



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