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Any Blog Users Getting Spam?

None of our blog users should be receiving spam comments or spam emails from contact forms. If any on you are getting spam, please let us know by going to our Contact Us page. On my blogs I show all kinds of spam hits, but none of the spammers have been able to post anything. You should have the same success in blocking spammers. Again let me know if spam is getting through on your blog.


ATTN: Old CBS Blog Users-Update 11/4/2015

Here is the latest updates for our previous CBS Users. This should answer many of the questions or concerns you may have. Please read through this very long post. It has the answers or addresses the concerns of most of you and saves me time responding to the same questions sent to me via email.

Your Previous Posts/Articles from old site
We have transferred all of your posts from your previous CBS site.  Some of you have voiced some concerns and we have addressed those concerns below. (Please be aware that if we did not have somebody doing community service work for us, mine and their time was over 40 hours working on this, we would not have been able to transfer your previous posts/articles.)

Text Formatting
Some of you have shared that the text formatting of your articles is all messed up. There are a variety of reasons this may have occurred. (I personally and several other users have not had this problem because of how we originally posted our articles.)

  • This new site is in compliance with all the new html guidelines and follows strict coding. So if you wrote articles by copying and pasting from Microsoft Word your post formatting may be messed up. (We had in our FAQs and User Guide for the old CBS Blog site a notation about using Microsoft Word for copying and pasting may not be the best idea).
  • The source coding in the old blog site does not match up with the new blog site. That is¬†because there is no standard in regards to how blog software is designed.