ATTN: Previous CBS Users-Blog URLs

If you have had a CBS blog on our old site and have moved it to this new site, then there will be a new URL for your blog. It is in the format of:

Your old blog URL was in this format:

Once we close out the old blog site we will be creating forwarding of your URL. This is how it will work:
When individuals go to it will forward to automatically. You do not have to do anything.

So anywhere on the web your old URL is listed, if someone clicks on the link it will take them to your blog on this site.

Take Note
If someone clicks on a link to any of your old articles they will get a ‘page not found’ error.

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2 Responses to ATTN: Previous CBS Users-Blog URLs

  1. boltz44 says:

    I do not know who to add the “Read More” function to my article, and I cant find the answer anywhere
    Dale Herr Know His Word

  2. cbsmgr says:

    Almost every question there is about how to do something will be in our FAQ Section. Go to and click on the appropriate category and do a search with keywords.

    For example, the answer to your question is at

    However, before you do anything on this I may have a simple solution. Our programmer is thinking about inserting the ‘more’ feature automatically into every existing post for all our previous blog owners. I will be sending an email about this.

    There will be two options:
    a. The blog owner can insert the more tag anywhere they want in their post.
    b. The programmer will insert the ‘more’ tag after around 300 words. That is about two paragraphs. This will be automatic so the ‘more’ will show up after 300 words. That means it could show up in a middle of a sentence.

    Each user will need to decide which option they want.

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