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Old Blog URL and Old Blog Posts

ATTN previous CBS Blog Users
Blog URL
We now have your old blog url going to the new site. So if anybody goes to the old URL based upon anything in the past from you they will be redirected to your new blog site. So for example if someone clicks on they are redirected to

Past Post/Articles
We are excited to announce that we were able to capture all of your previous posts/articles from the old site. We have also found a way to import them into your new site. This should be accomplished by tonight. This is great news! Thankfully there is someone who needed to do community service hours and they have database and programming skills. They have done an amazing job so far in writing an import script for this to take place. It has been tested with my blog site.

You will need to fine tune your articles once they are imported. I noticed that many of you never used the ‘more’ feature for articles. You should really use this. It makes it so that when someone goes to your blog home page they do not see very long articles that fill up your whole page. Instead they see several short excerpts from your articles. This is much more enticing. Go to my blog above to see what it looks like to have several articles on one page.

To learn how to use the ‘More’ feature, go to the FAQ pages.

Welcome ChristianBlogSites Visitors

Greetings to our ChristianBlogSites vistors. We assume you have come to this page because you are wanting to obtain your own personal blog site. Well, you have come to the right place. In just a moment you can register for your own personal blog. What we ask you to do before you register is to read our CBS Policies and Guidelines. Why? Because this is a Christian site and we want to make sure all bloggers are aware of this. Please help us keep our blog sites spam free, sexual orientation free, profanity free. After reading the guidelines you will be able to register for a new blog.

To prevent spamming all new blogs must be approved by our admin before you have full access. This normally takes a few minutes, but at times can take a few hours. Please be patient with the process.

So, go to our CBS Policies and Guidelines and register for your personal blog site.

Happy Blogging!!

ATTN: Previous CBS Users-Blog URLs

If you have had a CBS blog on our old site and have moved it to this new site, then there will be a new URL for your blog. It is in the format of:

Your old blog URL was in this format:

Once we close out the old blog site we will be creating forwarding of your URL. This is how it will work:
When individuals go to it will forward to automatically. You do not have to do anything.

So anywhere on the web your old URL is listed, if someone clicks on the link it will take them to your blog on this site.

Take Note
If someone clicks on a link to any of your old articles they will get a ‘page not found’ error.

ATTN: CBS previous users-transfer of your blog articles

We are working hard at transferring your previous blog articles. We need your help to make this transition as smooth as possible. Please be aware that there will be glitches along the way.

We need your help to make the transition smoother. Here is what we need from you.
1. DO NOT post any longer at website.
2. ASAP create categories in your new blog site that match the categories in your old blog site.
3. Add images/photos/graphics to your Media file of your new blog site. If any of your old blog articles contain images (and you don’t have them on your local computer) you should get them from your old blog site and save those images to your new blog site. (We also are going to try to capture all of them, but this is going to be challenging and we may miss some.)

Be aware that when we transfer your articles to the new site that there will be some issues:
a. Any articles that have images in them will have links to the image path that will be wrong. You will need to go into your articles and change the image path.
b. If you used the ‘more’ feature when posting articles it will not work properly in regards to your articles. We are hoping to find a work around on this but not sure if we can get something to work.

Previous CBS Users Update 10-19-15

We have started registering existing CBS members to this new site.

We asking previous users to no longer post articles on this site. Start using the new site immediately. If you have not moved your site over yet go to Contact Us and let us know you need a new account.

It is our goal in the next two weeks to have all postings from your current blog moved to the new blog site. (For sure we will be able to save all your postings.)

At the end of this week we will be doing redirects of exisiting blog URLs to the new URLS.

Be sure to keep checking back at our FAQ page. We are adding information on a regular basis (at least a couple times a day).

We have added a FAQ Section

New Users-Go to our FAQs.

Have questions? Go to our Contact Page.