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Richard D. Dover

Richard D. Dover
Richard founded ChristianBlogSites (CBS) in October 2005. The CBS Story follows Richard’s Bio.

Richard started doing web design as a hobby in 2000 while at the same time he was involved with various Christian ministries. Over the years he has had paid and unpaid web design customers. Currently he does not do web work and it took much for Richard to be willing to take the time to update the ChristianBlogSites multi-user site. Hope you enjoy it.

Richard is a very busy person who gives his all for the sake of souls. He is the Senior pastor of Seattle Open Door Church in Burien. He founded There is Hope Radio and did a live radio broadcast for around 5-1/2 years. Richard is the Executive Director of Fairhaven House, a clean & sober housing and discipleship program. Richard has an active blog site. Along with all this Richard is married to Carmi. There is absolutely no way Richard could do all that he does for the Kingdom without the help of Carmi, through her working full-time to cover living expenses, and being a solid support to Richard. Carmi has sacrificed so much.

Richard receives a very small salary from Seattle Open Door Church, no salary from There is Hope Radio, only free housing from Fairhaven House. Along with all the ministry jobs he does some ‘tentmaking’ work to have food on the table.

It is only by God’s grace that ChristianBlogSites has been existence since 2005. We could use donations to help us to continue to cover our monthly hosting fees. If you would like to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated. Click Here to make a donation.

The ChristianBlogSites Story
Richard D. Dover founded ChristianBlogSites (CBS) in October 2005, way before Facebook. He started CBS because at that time there were very few personal blog options and most blogs had all kinds of advertising on them, the other blog users were writing unChristlike articles that had foul language, sexual content, etc. He wanted to offer an alternative for Christians. At that time there was very limited software available to create a multi-user blog site.

Richard spent multitudes of hours working with LifeType software to make it compatible for what he wanted to offer to CBS users. It took over a month to develop the ChristianBlogSites multi-user blog site. Along with finances. Richard did this knowing all along he wanted to keep CBS free for users. (At that time some of the blogging sites were charging monthly fees for users.)

At one time there were over 100 users of CBS. However over time it was becoming harder for Richard to keep CBS updated with the latest software and features. So there were features thart CBS did not offer, then Facebook came out. Sadly Richard was never able to interface CBS with Facebook. So Richard was ready to shut down CBS.

However, after much consideration Richard realized there is still the need for individuals to have their own private blog site. He knew the only option would be to create an entirely new blogging website using the latest software technology so that the blog site would be full-featured.

Little did Richard know how many hours it would take to redesign an entirely new site. Multitudes of hours when he had no hours. It would mean very long days with only a few hours of sleep a day. Along with additional financial costs with limited resources. Many times Richard was wanting to stop this project midstream. It was just too stressful. BUT with God’s grace this new ChristianBlogSites web site is fully functional and is still free.

So, Keep on Blogging!!!

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