Monthly Archives: August 2017


I happened upon the following prayer last night, written six years ago.  I don’t know if you journal, but the process from composition to recall years later brings me great joy and amazement.  It reveals things I forgot God deposited in me, and reminds me at certain times in my life, how He has kept me through all the fiery trials.  I feel to share this intimate prayer.  Like King David, Solomon, and the other psalmists penned their raw, inspired writings; I too humbly follow in their footsteps, in awe of our Creator’s love for us.

“Oh God, I am drawing closer to You.  Your presence surpasses any grief endured through these fiery trials here on earth.  They are nothing if I can have You!  Lead me to the gate of glory; I want to follow you.  I know it could cost my very life.  For You, I will lose it now to save it later.  I desire that blessedness of spirit you offer God, through sorrow, for a moment with You.